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The Home Buying Process

It’s important to understand all the moving pieces that make up the home buying process.

Buying Process One

Market Analysis

Know What You Need And What’s Available

It’s important when purchasing a new home, to have all the facts you need to make an informed decision and The Carroll Team of Douglas Realty has extensive experience and local housing market knowledge in Columbia to help you do just that. We will work with you to ask all the necessary questions and gather important information about exactly what you are looking for, including many factors and features that will be driving your home purchasing decision. We will then go to work, based on your unique and specific criteria, to find the perfect home for you.
Buying Process Two

Home Financing

Let’s Take Care Of The Finances Early

Getting everything together for financing a new home can be daunting. However, it is crucial to ensure you have the strongest financial footing for when we find you that perfect home. At The Carroll Team of Douglas Realty we have a network of trusted lenders and when you work with us, our network becomes your network. With their help, we can determine exactly how much you can afford and will get you formally pre-approved for a home loan so we can start exploring your options.

Buying Process Three

Home Shopping

This Is Where The Fun Begins

The excitement of buying a new home starts with the search. By combining your financials with our market analysis, we will use our expertise to narrow down a list of potential homes that check off all your boxes. Then, the fun begins as we start to visit each property and compile a list of pro’s and cons for each home to be used to narrow down our current selection and/or for future property searches.

Buying Process Four

Making Offers

Negotiating Your Dream Home

When buying a home, your initial offer is a critical part of the process because it has to meet both buyer and seller expectations, and initiates the home buying and negotiating process. The Carroll Team of Douglas Realty will help you determine a fair, data-driven offer based on our in-depth market analysis and will then utilize our years of experience, market expertise, and relationships to negotiate the best deal for you.

Buying Process Five

Property Inspections

Conducting A Property Inspection

Once your offer is accepted by a seller, the next step is to get a complete home inspection to get a full understanding of the condition of your home, including what isn’t visible to the naked eye. We will provide you with a trusted home inspector and carefully review the results with you and make recommendations based on the results. This is another crucial part of the process, as it can serve as a negotiating tool, as well as offers strong assurance and peace of mind for your new home purchase.
Buying Process Six

Financing Approval

The Home Buying Process Is Almost Complete

The Carroll Team of Douglas Realty has years of experience and expertise to ensure the final and most crucial stages of your home loan approval are not overwhelming. We will monitor and update you on the progress of your home buying transaction and keep you informed of any updates and/or items needed along the way. And once we get the financing approval, or “clear to close” you’ll be in the final stretch towards homeownership.

Buying Process Seven

Now, We Celebrate

Congratulations! You Are A New Home Owner!

The closing or escrow process takes a lot of work, time, and effort from all parties and The Carroll Team of Douglas Realty will be by your side every step of the way. Once completed, after receiving clear to close, we will conduct a final property walk-through with you to ensure any items that needed to be addressed have been completed, as well as to ensure nothing has changed with the condition of the home. Then we’ll schedule settlement, and once both parties have signed all necessary documents, your new home is officially yours, and it’s time to celebrate!


What Our Clients Say

Richard LaurentRichard Laurent
16:24 27 Feb 23
The Carroll Team helped me sell a serious fixer upper. Their recommendations were extremely helpful. I was out of state, which added some challenges. There were lots of bumps along the way, due to a lot of problems from the past. They solved each problem and kept the process moving forward to closing. I would definitely recommend them!
Andrea SAndrea S
01:57 23 Sep 22
I cannot speak highly enough of my experience using the Carroll Team to sell our house. After a sudden job opportunity arose, we had to sell and move out of state quickly. In all the chaos of the relocation and settling into a new state, jobs and school, Kevin Carroll was the calm. His knowledge and control of the whole situation put me at ease. All I needed to do on my end was sign and e-sign a few documents - I worried about nothing. Everything else was handled in the most professional and caring way, and I am so grateful for such a smooth process. Kevin worked hard for us and listened to what we wanted out of the sale, and he really delivered. Thank you, Kevin!
Colleen SmithColleen Smith
19:57 30 Jun 22
Kevin Carroll was all we could hope for in a realtor during our home buying experience! He provided very insightful advice that was clearly coming from a wealth of experience in the field. He was always quick to answer the phone and help us with anything. He was dedicated and efficient in all of his dealing with and for us, making sure nothing was delayed. It is also clear that he is very connected in the real estate market, and able to pull from his resources to make things happen. Kevin gave us a sense of calm and control in a stressful and crazy market! We can't thank Kevin enough for his tireless work for us! We would highly recommend him to anyone needing a realtor!
Keara CoffieldKeara Coffield
00:56 02 Mar 22
Initially, I was quite impressed with The Carroll Team of Douglas Realty group. However, for the lack of better words, there is something that is lacking... CONSISTENCY! Initially, I was working with one real estate agent back in late August 2021, and she (Kathy McKenry) started off very engaging, and seemed eager to find me a home. However, she really showed me her true colors once she knew I wouldn't just settle for anything less than what I deserve. From September to October of last year as her client, we would look at houses, things would seem to go well, but when it was time to negotiate she was not aggressive enough for me. I was a first time home buyer and new to the area, but I wasn't willing to settle for properties that were not up to par. I had to simply let her go, because I had two appraisals fall through simply because of her lack of negotiation skills, and spending hundreds of dollars on two inspections (required by my mortgage program) as well as other fees. Disappointingly, I did feel that she no longer wanted me as a client after she felt that she couldn't get me settle with a house. Kevin Carroll, did reach out and give me a call to apologize, and he offered to have me work with another agent, and he was actually who I should have picked in the first place. Luis Martins is highly recommended in my book as an agent! He diligently worked to find houses for me, spoke with sales agents to re-negotiate, and never gave up until I closed on my home in January! Definitely will use him again in the future!
edah thompsonedah thompson
19:01 07 Feb 22
Wow! My husband and I made the right decision to go with Kevin Carroll of the “The Carroll Team of Douglas Realty” for the sale of our first home, and the purchase of our “Dream Home! Kevin took the lead and very meticulously orchestrated all aspects of the buying and selling process to seal the deal of not just one sale, but two sales, much to our satisfaction! The first sale was within 2 days of the listing of our home and the second sale was within 4 days of the listing of the Dream Home! Throughout both endeavors, Kevin was very attentive to our apprehensiveness, he was always available to address our concerns, and questions regarding the selling & buying process to ease our fears. It was also evident that Kevin’s expertise as a Realtor was not only to make a sale, but to assure that the home we were leaving would be a perfect fit for the intended buyer, and that the home we were dreaming to purchase, would be a perfect fit for our family to grow in for years to come. Kevin & his team were phenomenal in making the detailed upgrades to our home to assure the home was within code for compliance to building codes and regulations. His team also made beautiful upgrades to our home assuring it would be aesthetically appealing to a prospective buyer in such a competitive market. Our home was so beautiful, we had to think about whether we wanted “To Love It or List It”! Of course, we decided “To List It”, our growing family needs more space! As stated earlier, Kevin Sealed the Deal, our home sold in two days! Now the focus was 100% to finding our Dream Home! Again, Kevin being the expert Realtor that he is, located a property that met every specification that we were interested in. The location and square footage of the home is perfect, the land surrounding the home is just what our family needs and the home is exquisite! Kevin as efficient as he is, immediately contacted the Sellers Agent and worked his Realtor’s Magic! Much to our satisfaction, he Sealed the Deal in 4 days!Throughout this entire home selling/buying process, my husband and I had no idea of Kevin’s other clientele. We always felt as if we were his only clients! That’s how awesome of a Realtor Kevin is. He was totally dedicated to our search for a buyer, then a seller. Kevin’s expertise lead us to a positive and satisfying experience that we are so thankful and forever grateful for, “Kudos to you Kevin!

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